Can You Name These 9 Historical Figures?

Take this quiz to find out if you know who these very important people are!

Answer #2:

Raisin bread may have been a tricky clue for anyone not from Concord, but the answer is Henry David Thoreau. The Walden author has long been a source of Massachusetts folklore because it is believed that he was the first person to put raisins in bread. In realty, putting fruit and raisins in bread has a long tradition in Europe and we have recipes for raisin bread going back to the 17th century. Thoreau did, however, write beautifully on what it means to live in harmony with one’s surroundings.

Via/ Library of Congress

Question #3:

This famed beauty was a beloved public figure and actress. Her involvement in the resistance against the Nazi forces during World War II is often overlooked. Looking at her though, one would never have suspected that shoe could have taken part. Think you’ve got it? Click the NEXT PAGE button to discover the answer!

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