This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Jane Kenney.

Many businesses have signs outside that try to entice you to come in. Churches are no different. While some churches simply write the times of their services or upcoming events, some write hilarious sayings on their signs. Many use trendy jokes to get younger people in the doors, but some are geared towards an older generation.

No matter who the signs are geared towards, some of these are downright hilarious. Check out some of the best ones we’ve seen on the Internet:

1. No one reads the terms and conditions, do they?

Do you get it? No one reads Apple’s Terms and Conditions on an iPhone, and Adam and Eve didn’t either. Although their apples were a lot more low-tech.

2. When it is just too hot outside to change the sign…

This church used the weather to insert a little humor in your day.

3. Speaking of weather…

For anyone who loves snow and was praying for more, this church asked them to stop. They clearly have a sense of humor but are sick of the snowy weather!

4. This church got a little sassy.

It appears that someone stole an air conditioning unit from a church. Stealing anything from a church is pretty bad and the church decided to give them a little sass.

5. This one is pretty inspirational!

We all know our pets love us unconditionally. Be as good as your pet thinks you are.

6. This church really loves ketchup?

This one is really strange, but I guess they love food puns?

7. Forgive your enemies.

This church really speaks the truth. Do you agree?

8. Remember the story of Noah?

When this church was experiencing a lot of rain, they used it as an opportunity to make everyone laugh who drove by.

9. A reminder to be nice on social media.

We all need that reminder sometimes, don’t we?

10. Another Noah joke…

This raises a lot of questions!

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