There’s A Dark Prequel To “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” And Most People Don’t Remember It

The 1977 “Halloween is Grinch Night” portrays a much darker side of the Grinch than we see in the beloved Christmas movie.

Everyone grew up with The Grinch. It’s a Christmas classic that most of us might watch as part of a holiday movie tradition. There are even several different movies that have been made so there’s no excuse not to like at least one of The Grinchversions.

While most of us know the Christmas story of The Grinch, there’s actually a dark prequel to the beloved story.

The prequel in question is called Halloween is Grinch Night – or simply Grinch Night. The film begins with the Whos down in Whoville getting into their homes and locking their doors after a “sweet-sour wind” beings to blow. How very ominous.

After that, the Grinch appears on his mountain with Max, who he’s telling to load up his wagon full of “paraphernalia.” Following this, the Grinch launches into a song about his depressing life and how much he hates it.

After that, he rides down the side of the mountain in his wagon. The Grinch is on his way to hunt Whoville’s very last Wuzzy Woozoo. On his way there, he encounters a young Who named Eucharaiah who, in order to save the town of Whoville, takes on the Grinch and saves the town from the nightmares.

Defeated, the Grinch and Max return to the top of their mountain where they wait for Christmas. Quite a dark film compared to the original Christmas movie, but it did win an Emmy after it came out in October 1977.

Watch the video below: