I Can’t Believe What This Couple Found Buried In Their Back yard!

Although this story is almost a year old, it’s such a rare occurrence that we just had to share it!

Okay, if you haven’t noticed by now, we’ve got a serious thing about buried treasure of all kinds and we don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. We loved it when we were kids and we love it now that we’re…..not quite kids anymore. There’s just something so special about finding treasure (especially when it’s worth something).

Here, we present you with the greatest discovered buried treasure. One lucky couple found a box of buried coins (in near perfect condition!) while taking a walk on their country property. They saw something sticking out of the ground and began to investigate. You won’t believe how many others they found after that first one – it’s crazy! And, we can’t get over how much this huge, hidden collection was appraised at. Check out this fun video and then start checking your own backyard!