Find Your Famous Art Doppelgänger Using Google’s Arts and Culture App

There has never been a time in history when art was so readily available to the general public. We are able to see it in our area in museums or on the street and sometimes, we can even interact with art using the Internet. You can look on social media at almost any given time and see pictures that people have posted from art museums located throughout the world. In addition, you can use the Google Arts and Culture app to interact with art in a way that you may never have considered possible.

Photo: Google

It is easy to get started with the app. Just download it, take a selfie and wait. Within moments, the app will match your face with multiple paintings, artists and artistic styles. Some are going to be flattering and others you will want to keep to yourself. The results are going to be different from one person to another but one thing that is the same is the fun it brings to the table.

How does Google use the app to find our match? It analyzes your face and compares it to thousands of pieces of art from around the world. After you try the selfie part of the app, you can check out what else it has to offer. This includes being able to zoom in on some of the most popular pieces of art from around the world.

Use the Google Arts and Culture app to discover if you are a Van Gough or a Mona Lisa. It’s lots of fun and even celebrities have tried it.

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