This Globe-Making Process From 1955 Is Absolutely Mesmerizing… Talk About Craftsmanship!

Is it just me, or is there something about a vintage globe that just seems so classy and charming? I have fond memories of spinning the globe my parents had in our house as a kid, putting my finger on a random spot and deciding that’s where I would travel. I also used to wonder just how these beautiful globes were made. Well, thanks to this magnificent video from British Pathé, we now know! Take a peek behind the curtains as the workers at this globe factory hand-make stunning globes using a paper maché method that’s quite fascinating. There is so much craftsmanship and time that go into each one of these globes — molding takes about six hours for each one! Check out the video to learn more, and watch the process from start to finish. Who knew so much went into each globe?

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