You Can Now Play ‘Friends’ Monopoly And Invest In Central Perk

The Friends-themed Monopoly game is finally available to those living in the United States.

The recent announcement of the upcoming Friends reunion special has all of the “day one” fans super excited. In addition to these fans, there are also those who have found the show through streaming and reruns. However, the reunion special is not going to be making its way to HBO Max until May 2020. What are Friends fans supposed to be doing in the meantime? May is so far away!

That’s where this new game is going to come into play. A new version of Monopoly that is Friends-themed is available on Amazon. We must warn you, Amazon is the exclusive provider of this Monopoly set. You are simply not going to be able to find this bad boy anywhere else. Could you BE any more excited to play this game with your friends and loved ones?

Pardon us for going full Chandler Bing on you but we are too pumped to contain ourselves. The game has been in existence for two years now. Up until now, it was limited to citizens of the United Kingdom. At long last, the game is finally being offered to the US!

Photo: Amazon

You may want to leave the Monica Geller of your group behind before you start to play. Everyone knows how competitive she and Ross can get in these types of scenarios. There is one key difference in this Friends-themed Monopoly, though. Players are not actually buying properties when they take part in this game. Instead, they will be purchasing the signature moments of the iconic series.

There are game pieces that correspond with each character, and, as you would expect, Joey’s is a slice of pizza and Phoebe’s is a guitar. Monica has the chef hat, Rachel’s got a handbag, Ross is a dinosaur, and Chandler is represented with a sweater vest.