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Mmm-mm! This Song Brings Back So Many Memories

The ’50s and ’60s were chock full of great songs that made us want to dance. It was a different time when an innocent love song could become a chart-topping sensation. There are songs that bring back so many memories of spending time with friends after school in cars that had push-button radios and going round to the drive-in for some yummy treats. “Little bitty Pretty One” is one of those songs that just takes you back to those carefree days of youth!

First debuted in 1957 from the artist, Thurston Harris, “Little bitty Pretty One” was revived by Frankie Lymon in 1960. He performed this wonderful hit song on The Saturday Night Beech Nut Show. We can’t over seeing his infectious smile again! Have a listen below and be sure to check out another great hit from the early ’60s right here.

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