For The Love Of Vinyl – Featured Record Players And A Brief History!

For The Love Of Vinyl – Featured Record Players And A Brief History!

Is it just us, or does music sound best when it’s played on a record player? We’re huge fans of vinyl, but not just the sound; the entire experience! There’s something so special about holding the album cover in your hands, and hearing the scratching of the needle as you enjoy the music the way it was meant to be heard. Check out this brief history of vinyl records, and take a trip down memory lane with these beautiful, user-submitted record players.

from: Carol Clements Hoehn: “This is a Colombia Grafonola made in the USA around 1918!Plays Edison records and has many of the needles which had to be changed each time a record was played!”

from: James Moore: “RCA Victor ” Victrola” 45 Automatic Record Changer Attachment from the 1950’s still in the original box. Model 6 JY1″

from: Deborah Baker Willard: “Pooley Talking Machine given to us by my father several years ago. I am sitting here listening to 78 RPM Records, Christmas music from long ago. It is quite time for me. so peaceful. Have a great night.”

from: Jimmer Young: “Cheers Dusty Old Thing, I love your daily posts. I am a picker and have been collecting for many many years. This is my old Victor victrola, works perfectly and I still look for vintage ’78 records. Would love to find The Wizard Of Oz as it is out there, I have Judy Garland singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow and older classics but half the fun is looking and then even better, finding a rare one,”