The Fishing Village in China That’s Being Devoured by Nature

What happens when plants take over everything in sight?

The ivy climbing up old stone buildings is often seen as quaint and historic looking. But, what happens when plants take over the entire building and then get to work on everything else around? Such is the case with the fishing village of Houtouwan, nestled among the Shengsi Islands in China.

The town has had a dwindling population for decades, but was mostly abandoned in the 1990swhen the small family fishing operations could no longer keep up with commercial fishers. Now, there is nearly no one left on this remote island town and the plants are reclaiming just about everything in sight. While it’s eerie to see green covering every inch of some structures (many with caved in roofs) it’s also extremely beautiful and picturesque.

Today there are just a handful of residents who remain in the area, though tourism of this unique site has grown over the past decade. Expansive drone footage of the village shows just how far reaching the plant growth as become. Have a look in the video below!