In an age where people are waiting longer to have kids, or opting out of parenthood altogether, there exists a growing number of adults who have never had any reason to hold a baby. Hard as it can be to imagine for those of us with kids or who simply adore every baby they see, you better believe that they are no small group.

The folks over at Cut video have filmed 5 adults who have never before held a baby. It’s amazing how some of the participants seemed to catch on very quickly, while others needed a few minutes.

Despite being awkward and uncomfortable and even in the face of a bawling child, the adults all were captured in slow mo with giant, happy, goofy smiles on their faces! The mysterious effect that holding a baby can have on some people is not yet well-studied. However, researchers do admit that the “baby high” is there – in varying degrees – for many of us. Watch the video below for an instant pick-me-up! And click the “Next Page” button at the bottom of the page for 8 animal facts that will put a smile on your face!