Featured Vintage Photos: April 25

We’ve all enjoyed a couple of vintage photographs of Caroline Blomfield’s mother-in-law, Gladys. This photo of her was taken around 1900. She lived to be 86 and was, Caroline says, a wonderful lady.

Caroline Goodrich writes that this is her father in 1921. He is now 92. Isn’t his little knit suit adorable? He even has his mittens and his hat has little knit ears. Thank you, Caroline, for sharing it with our readers and give your Dad our very best!

Heather Alpin writes, Thisis my great-grandmother, Winifred May Blackman. She was 11 years old inthis photo, taken on 1 May 1909, when she was crowned Queen of the May,in Avington, Hampshire. I love this picture!” We do, too!

Tommy Jenkins writes that this is his grandfather, Elbert E. Jenkins, as a child. He died in 1971 at the age of 82 so we’re guessing this restored photo has it’s origins about 1894. Tommy uses Photoshop to help them enjoy photos for years to come.

After Sharon Blazek saw Tommy’s photo, above, on our 24 Blocks Facebook page, she decided to also upload one of her husband’s father, Edward E. Blazek, taken in 1917. Notice his shoes!

Margaret Krize just simply said, in her post, “My Mum dressed to appear in a school play”. The date is around 1926 or 27.

And, finally, we’d like to end this evening with Nancy Riley Hookey‘s photo of her Dad in his Fire Chief pedal car. It was taken about 1927. Nancy writes that he’s now 91 and still going strong! Tell your Dad for us, Nancy, that he was a very handsome little boy and that we wish him the best!

Thank you all for uploading your treasured photos to Dusty Old Thing on Facebook to share with our readers. Keep them coming!

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