Featured Vintage Photos: April 22

We love this 1920’s photo posted yesterday by Veronica Prior. She writes that the handsome man in the back is her father. The others are his parents Guy and Marion Dobell (seated); his sisters ZoÎ, Joan and Enid; and their pets. Besides being a very good looking family…and we’d love to know more about them… their pets are a delight to see. The dog seems to know his photo is being taken. The Siamese/Burmese is holding still and the…. the…the…what is that on the left?? Is is a bear cub?! We can’t wait to find out.

Sharon Thompson shared this photo from a logging camp in Northern Michigan in the very early 1900’s. If you look closely you can see her two Great-Great-Great Uncles “fooling around” boxing. It’s a delight. There they are, in what is probably a photo of most everyone in the camp…and the camp dog…in the winter with snow on the ground and they are in shirt sleeves pretending to box! Notice the man on the roof to the left, too, and what is probably the camp cook at the extreme right.

We’re all probably ready for real, fresh strawberries! This photo from Liz Calder comes from 1914. It is of strawberry picking in Essex, MA. Liz’s mother is the 6th picker from the left, sitting straight up looking at the camera and in a white shirtwaist dress. Now, the question is: why do most of the pickers seem to be women and most of the men seem to be standing in the back?

Yes, it’s Trigger! Wasn’t he a fine looking horse? Thanks, Sonny Sachs, for sharing this photo with our Dusty Old Thing community.

Lupi Cruce writes, “1950’s. My sister was cool, still is”. We all agree! It’s a great photo that perfectly captures the look of that time. She would have fit perfectly in a movie of that era! Give her our best, Lupi, and “keep up the Cool.”

Tess Smallidge just simply writes don’t go under the apple tree, with anyone else but me…“. It’s a cheerful photo. We’d love to know her story.

This delightful photo was posted by Kathleen Wells who writes,
Thisis our 1955 Chev station wagon and my brother and I were suppose to be unloading the bread for the pigs, guess we had to do a taste test first…………..” Love it! Farm life in the ’50’s. A classic station wagon with kids in the back. Kids getting “caught”. And farm animals that really did eat well.

Thank all of you for sharing your wonderful photos with Dusty Old Thing.

They show a slice of life in days gone by.

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