Featured Vintage Photos: April 12

This fantastic photo was posted by Hope Springs a Turtle. It is beautiful in itself as a composition of blue, grey and white in a room full of natural light. But it also showcases vintage photos in vintage bottles. And, no, Dusty Old Thing has no idea how “they got in there”. But it’s a great idea and we’re assuming that the photos are copies. The mantle, or shelf, is just perfect for this collection.

Isn’t this photo darling? It was posted by Mandy Alford who simply writes, “This is my Mum with two of her sisters.” You just know those little girls had a good time together!

Veronica Prior writes that this is her Grandparents’ wedding picture from 1901. They were Guy John Dobell and Marion Elsie Jebb. The bride and her two sisters were known as the “Three Belles of Brecon”. We are assuming that it Brecon, Wales and we can easily see why she was considered a belle. They are both elegant! Veronica also clues us in about the crease in his pants. “The pants press”, she writes, “was invented in 1892. Before that, you never see those creases in pants.”

Cindy Phillipps just writes “My Grandmother…” You can’t look at this very sweet photo without wondering what it took to get her to stand still long enough for the photo to be taken. She’s a beautiful little girl dressed in finery…like a doll!

Claire Vandenoever shared this photo. It’s of her family on a picnic in a eucalyptus grove in 1940. We think Claire is the little blond…. It shows well people dressed back then, even on a picnic… nice slacks for the ladies and a tie for the father.

And, finally, we wanted to end this afternoon with the workshop of C.W. Fain in 1908. The photo was posted by Amy Tipton who has been so good as to have shared with our readers recently two of the furniture pieces that he made in North Carolina. Amy is a Great-Granddaughter. He is standing under the window. His wife, Lydia Haskett Fain, is on the far left. He was a logger who ran his own sawmill. In bad weather he made his own furniture. This photo is nice to see some of the equipment used at that time. Mr. Fain died in an logging accident in the 1920’s.

We’d like to thank all of you who have shared your family photos with our readers at

Dusty Old Thing!

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