Feature Member Antiques: February 11

Cameo Glass is one of the most prized forms of art glass. It’s created through a complex process of etching off the top layer, or layers, of the glass and gently then carving out the figures. The French were the best at the process during the Art Nouveau period although it was made in the US, England and in other countries. Tiffany produced a few pieces. We want to thank Richard Hohn for posting this Cameo Glass vase that he dates as being roughly 100 years old. The colors and the use of the dragonfly are all characteristics both of the Aesthetic and Art Nouveau. It’s beautiful.

A proper lady needs a proper vanity or dresser set. Thanks, Darlene Dupleissis, for your post of this one. One of these days someone will count the number of “Downton Abbey” scenes with Lady Mary at her vanity putting on hand cream, but we don’t think we’ve seen a set this pretty on the show!

And here are a few vintage items just for fun….

Vintage ice skates from Sweden, posted by Gun-Britt Hallin

A wind-up American Flyer from Chicago found at a garage sale by Tom Cross. Tom thinks it is @1935.

An Austrian rabbit pull-toy, posted by Nancy Starnes. She also posted a few others that were her toys growing up and she would like to find more about them. On this one the ears are on springs. When you pull the string, the arms and legs move.

And sometimes you just have to stop and pay hommage to a 1948Allis Chalmer. Although farming is work, driving a tractor can have great memories. Thanks, Vonne Beard for sharing your husband’s vintage love with us.

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