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From Clarabell to Kato- These TV and Film Sidekicks Were The Best

9) Stan Laurel

Surprisingly smart when it came down to it, this sidekick made us laugh and got his partner out of many a scrape. Often referred to as childish, Laurel’s character added depth and dimension to the act and made their ridiculous predicaments all the more fun. He’s most often remembered as goof, but he was brave and he was always there for his friend.

10) Ethel Mertz

There’s only one woman who could ever be strong enough and fool-hardy enough to follow Lucy into any of her schemes and that’s Ethel. Without her, Lucy’s escapades would have been half the fun.

11) Laverne & Shirley

It has been a debate for the ages which is the sidekick for the other, but we think Laverne and Shirley are both great. They may have caused as many problems as they solved, but they were always there for each other.

12) Lou Costello

Between radio, TV, and movies, these two cracked us up for years. The “who’s on first?” guys made even the simplest routines into legendary skits. And, Costello was always a good sport to Abbot’s tricky ways.

13) Ed MacMahan

Ed McMahon’s signature deep laugh and sly wit made him America’s favorite late night co-host for decades. Who would have thought when Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon started on The Tonight Show in 1962 that they would work together for 30 more years?

14) Clarabell the Clown

The clown who never spoke, Clarabell gave plenty of opinions using only his seltzer bottle and horn. Those kids in the peanut gallery and at home were entranced by the mute mime. Clarabell only spoke once at the closing of the last Howdy Doody Show.

15) Mr. Green Jeans

For Captain Kangaroo fans, Mr. Green Jeans was a staple of the show. This handyman extraordinaire was delight and was always fixing something the Captain.

16) Barney Rubble

Like any true friend, Barney is there for Fred and all his crazy ideas. Despite having the goofier Barney is often the gentle voice of reason that Fred ignores. We loved watching these two and seeing the clip below brings back so many memories.

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They may not have gotten top-billing, but these sidekicks made the TV shows and movies we loved that much more special (and they still do). Imagine Batman without Robin or Lucy without Ethel- those shows would have flopped without the charismatic buddies that we hold so dear. To see our favorite TV moms click here.

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