Fantastic Fenton Pieces Submitted By Our Readers!

Fantastic Fenton Pieces Submitted By Our Readers!

Fenton glass; collectors love it, and for good reasons! It’s recognizable, beautiful (one of, if notthe,first producers of Carnival glass) and highly sought after.Check out some of our favorite Fenton pieces submitted by our users, and share your photos too! And if you’re interested,learn more about Fenton Glass from our Antique Spotlight here!

from: Betsy Rettig : “How many people actually use these Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Epergnes for floral arranging?”

from: Lynne Mcguire: “I love Fenton perfume bottles.”

from: Christy Simmons Fisher: “Fenton “

from: Christy Simmons Fisher: “some of my Fenton”

from: Terry Morgan Morrison: “A pink sherbert bowl made by the Fenton company in Williamstown, West Virginia.”

from: Melissa West: “A photo from Melissa West a peace of my Fenton glass collection. “

from: Rhonda Green Surratt: “This Punch bowl is fenton and from what I have read on it there was only 500 made and this is # 369 if not mistaken !”

from: Debra Burton: “This is a Fenton bonbon in Carnival Glass.”