When were were growing up we learned pretty quickly that manners mattered. Rules like “no elbows at the table” and “always say please and thank you” were the standard once upon a time. We would have been sorely punished for willfully ignoring these rules and manners! But, today it seems like most children are not growing up with the same rules that we had. And heaven forbid that adults these days discipline or correct kids! Most parents today simply won’t stand for it, but back in the old days an infraction of politeness by a child was correctible by almost any adult at any time.

Taken from various educational film clips, this video mashup takes us right back our school days when we not only watched films on etiquette like these, but we were coached on our manners everyday by our parents, teachers, and basically any adult in the community! For more manners we grew up with click “Next Page” after the video.