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12 Things We Were Taught As Kids That You Don’t See Enough Of These Days

7) Take Off Your Hat

When you went inside, it didn’t matter if you were wearing a fedora or a baseball cap: boys and men took their hats off. This was also true for any situation where respect needed to be shown such as when talking to the police, or if someone was hurt, or if a prayer was being said. Ladies often received a hat tip from a man passing by.

Man Tipping Hat

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8) “May I?” Instead of “Can I?”

How you phrased things was big deal, even with your parents. It was a constant source of irritation for adults to hear “Can I…”

9) Don’t Interrupt Adults

When adults were talking you did not interrupt them. If your folks had a dinner party you had to wait until there was a lull in the conversation to say your peace.

10) Give Up Your Seat

On a bus or train it used to be common to give up your seat if an older person got on and needed one. Likewise, a man or boy would give up his seat for a lady oftentimes as well.

Bus Seats

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11) Elbows Off the Table

It was so rude to put your elbows on the table! If you were at someone’s home or a restaurant it was especially true.

12) Always Use A Proper Greeting

“Good morning” and “good evening” were acceptable greetings. “Hi” was not! At the holidays you always gave a seasonal greeting and this was what everyone did, nothing special.

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