The Things We Miss About Good Old Fashioned Picnics!

Picnics changed when we started using disposable dinnerware and napkins, single serving packaged foods, and generally taking less time to enjoy a simple outing with our family and friends. Back then, a big basket filled with homemade food was the order of the day, with little touches of style that made the whole thing more special. Here are some of our favorite picnic items from the past.

4) Melmac Tableware


We used these on picnics because they wouldn’t break when one of us kids inevitably dropped one on the ground. We know some folks brought china plates, but Mom didn’t trust us so much as that! We love the memories that seeing these happy, pastel colors bring back!

3) White Bread

For some reason, it really isn’t a picnic unless you have some sandwiches on white bread. Pimento cheese, turkey, PB & J, roast beef, didn’t matter what kind but they were always on Wonder or Sunbeam bread. We dug up this funny Sunbeam bread commercial from way back when.

2) Woven Picnic Basket

Via/Florida Memory

Those big baskets that carried the goods were of utmost importance. Some had lids or slots for silverware, but really any large basket would have done the trick.

1) Good Home Cookin’

Via/Library of Congress

Fried chicken, potato salad, homemade pickles, cake, sandwiches, the list is endless. All that good homemade food really made the difference. That, and family, is what we remember most about the picnics we used to have as kids.

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