Eight Classic Easter Dishes We Love!

While some things have changed, these nine Easter foods have remained our favorites through the years. We hope you’ll get to have some of these seasonal Easter treats this year!

Easter is such a special time for family and good food. When all day was spent eating and egg-hunting and Mom was cooking up a storm. Everybody had their own special recipes they’d pull out for Easter and even the leftovers were enjoyed throughout the following week. While some things have changed, these Easter foods have remained our favorites through the years.

1) Hot Cross Buns

Marking the end of Lent, hot cross buns have a long history that goes back to the ancient Greeks. Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, the slightly sweet buns have become a treat at Easter as well. In the ancient Greeks’ time, buns marked with a cross were presented to the goddess Eostre. In England the buns were restricted to Good Friday for hundreds of years, with royal edicts announcing the punishment if you made them any other occasion: confiscated buns. Today, this beloved treat can be found nearly any time of year, but we think of them as a food that is forever linked to Good Friday and Easter.

Flickr/ Garry Knight

2) Paczki

Another Easter season favorite is the Polish paczki. Similar to a donut, it is made from a fried dough, glazed, then filled with either a fruit or cream filling. The rich yeast dough contains milk, eggs, sugar, fat, as well as some grain alcohol. As a pre-Lent treat it combines many of the forbidden foods of Lent into a delicious little pastry. Nowadays people of many nationalities enjoy paczki the whole Easter season. You can find a great recipe for them here.

Flickr/ Melissa Wang

3) Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic at many gatherings, but they are particularly tied to Easter for most folks. With so many eggs in abundance and so many Easter egg hunts, we remember this recipe being made by Mom not only for Easter Sunday meals, but to use up leftovers after the holiday was over and our fridge was still full of hard-boiled eggs.

Flickr/ Matt Johnson