1976 Documentary Explores The Differences Between Edinburg And Glasgow Accents

It can be hard to tell if they’re even speaking the same language at times.

It doesn’t matter where you live, there are going to be variations in the way that people speak.

Some of these can be seen in different parts of the country but there may even be differences in accents from one part of a city to another.

Photo: YouTube/BBC Archive

This is often an interesting issue and it is one that gets discussed frequently among people in a local area. It’s a mystery to many, and to some, it can even be the basis for some very funny humor.

As far as accents are concerned, one source says that they are: “born when speakers of the same language become isolated and, through evolution, unwittingly agree on new names or pronunciations for words. Dozens of these small changes result in a local ‘code’ that’s not easily understood by outsiders.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Regardless of why it happens, it takes place frequently and at times, the differences can be astounding. Even though two areas may be speaking the same language, they may not be able to understand each other.

This fact was brought out in an interesting way in 1976.

Photo: YouTube/BBC Archive

A BBC series called “Word-Of-Mouth” discussed various accents throughout the UK. In particular, two of the accents were from people who speak the same language, but the accent made the language quite different.

Those accents were from Glasgow and Edinburg, and if you hear them speaking side-by-side, you might even question if they are speaking the same language. They managed to enlist the help of a comedian, two poets, and a theater manager to make it an interesting discussion.

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