Dolly Parton Was So Poor Before Before Becoming A Star, She Ate Ketchup-And-Water Soup

Check out Inside Edition‘s full interview with the legendary singer!

Some of the most truly talented celebrities can easily think back to the days before they were stars.

Usually, those years weren’t quite as glamorous. It may be hard to believe that the legendary Dolly Parton once made her own version of tomato soup using ketchup due to poverty, but according to her, that was actually a reality. The real question is, how did it taste?

Before going into the ketchup water, Dolly dropped another interesting fact while chatting with Inside Edition. Supposedly she hates getting her photo taken. Since she’s been on the cover of countless magazines, you might not have guessed.

“I hate taking pictures anyway,” she said. “It’s so hard for me, I’m not like a real model and all of that.” She added that it’s “like pulling teeth for me.” So that might be good to know if you ever happen to bump into Dolly Parton.

Instead of asking her to pose for a photo, maybe you can ask her more about her ketchup concoction. But according to Dolly, you might already know about it. It’s reportedly a must-try for musicians. “Who ain’t done that?” Dolly joked when Inside Edition brought it up. “That was when I first moved to Nashville,” she said. “I made mustard soup — I had a jar of mustard and a jar of ketchup, and I’d make mustard soup one day and ketchup the next.” According to her, “You eat what you eat.” Then she admitted that sometimes she went on dates just to get free trips to Burger King. Dolly Parton — a girl after my own heart.

Part of Dolly’s appeal comes from the fact that she’s so down to earth. Check out Inside Edition‘s full interview with the legendary singer.

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