1968 This Film of Disneyland Conjures Magical Memories

It’s so interesting to see what’s changed and what’s the same!

This British Pathé newsreel from 1968 about tourism in the U.S. focuses on Disneyland and we get to see it in stunning color! The rides, attractions, and Main Street are brought to life in this gorgeous short film. Take a trip down memory lane (if you were there way back when) or see for the first time what vintage Disneyland used to look like!

Sleeping Beauty Castle. Via/ YouTube
Rainbow Ridge train. Via/ YouTube
View from the Mine Train, which was closed in the 1970s. Via/ YouTube
“Old Faithful” as seen from the train. Via/ YouTube
Riding the train past the waterfalls. Via/ YouTube
It’s a small world after all. Via/ YouTube
The children of the world. Via/ YouTube
Via/ YouTube

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