He Had No Idea That There Was Treasure Hidden Behind His Office Door For Years!

When this oil painting was brought into Antiques Roadshow, the appraiser knew right away it was something very special. Turns out, the painting was an original by world-famous painter Diego Rivera, and dates back to 1904 (when he was just 18 years old)! Purchased by the owner’s great-grandparents in 1920, this gorgeous painting was handed down from generation-to-generation over the years. Incredibly, his grandparents had been told that this amazing painting was a fake, so the owner had no qualms hanging the piece in his home-office (where it was often hidden behind the open office door)! The art appraiser notes that the painting was thought to be lost to the world. Just imagine how it would feel to re-discover a noted art piece by such a well-known artist! Learn more about this fascinating painting, including its massive value, in the clip below.

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