December 17 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Monique Penxa Nordhaus: “Can anyone help me with any info on this lamp. It was my grandmothers.”

from: Carolyn McLane: “This was my grandmother’s. Has been packed away for almost 40 yrs. Can anyone tell me about it? I posted it previously but now it seems it was removed from the timeline. Thanks for any info!”

from: Tony Mccallister: “this trunk has been in my wives family for almost a 100 years I beleave it might be 1800 or early 1900s can any one give me any info about this ?”

from: Rebecca Grichar: “My beautiful Singer passed onto me by my late Mother In-Law. My Antique tins are from England, Germany and Japan, full of Bake-Lite Buttons. “

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