You Have to See This Side-splitting Scene With Dino and the Duke

These two screen legends really know how to have fun.

We all have our favorite stars that can keep us entertained no matter what. But, when two of your favorites get together for a laugh? There’s not much better television to be had. This musical comedy skit from season 1 of The Dean Martin Show in 1965 has got us laughing out loud today and you will be, too. Watch as Dean Martin prods special guest John Wayne into a duet…of sorts. John Wayne is so often remembered as a serious cowboy, but he can be pretty darn funny when he wants to. And the timing between these two is incredible. Now this was real TV! You just have to see this wonderful moment in American television history all over again. And if you missed it in 1965 then get ready to laugh. Have a look for yourself below. And, be sure to check out this masterfully executed scene from The Honeymooners right here.