The Dancing Santas Give Danny Kaye a Surprise on His Show

Remember the Danny Kaye Show? This Christmas number brings it all back!

Sometimes we really miss those old variety shows on television. There was something for everyone: dancing, comedy, music, and it was all wholesome entertainment. Seems like every big star had a show at one point or another and Danny Kaye was no exception. The Danny Kaye Show was always full of live singing and great fun and they really went all out for this Christmas episode from 1966. A trove of dancing Santas performs with Kaye while he sings a lively rendition of Andy Williams’ “Waltz ‘Round the Christmas Tree,” to dizzying effect. You don’t see too many shows that feature dozens of dancing Santas in boots and all!

I’d almost forgotten about the balloon animation on the opening credits. What a great show! Have a look below at the video and be sure to check out Dean Martin’s special Xmas song right here.