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This Family’s Visual Ode To The 50s Will Bring Your Memories Alive

When a neighbor gifted a handmade pink cherry apron to Jordan Hathaway, it evoked long-held childhood memories and inspired an idea. Along with her husband, Jordan developed the idea to create a dreamlike sequence that captures a slice of the idyllic simple life of the 1950s when impersonal technology hadn’t permeated the family home.

The nostalgic video, which looks like old family photos have come alive, was shot by Stanley Pomianowski and Enrico Marcellino of Barefoot Empire Films and features the entire Hathaway family, including their two kids. It is replete with ’50s pop culture symbols like a soda pop diner and the ubiquitous Coca-Cola brand. Watching it makes you yearn for the simpler times whose memories are indelibly imprinted in the minds of all Americans.

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