This Footage Of A Suspension Bridge Collapsing In 1940 Is Insane!

It’s not every day that a bridge just buckles naturally, but that’s what happened in 1940 when the then-third-longest suspension bridge swayed and twisted in high winds until ultimately collapsing into the water below. Amazingly enough, news filmographers captured the spectacular collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge as it wobbled with ever-increasing vibrations that toppled the $6 million construction. What a sight this must have been to see in person! We cannot imagine what it would have felt like to see it first-hand. Or, worse yet, to have been on the bridge when it started to give way. such a scary event, yet it is mesmerizing to watch. Nicknamed “Galloping Gertie,” this wobbly bridge’s incredible collapse is amazingly caught on film. Watch more impressive historical footage, such as this video of Empire State Building window washers from the 1930s working thousands of feet in the air.

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