5 Popular Collectibles That Are Taking The Antique Market By Storm!

With many antique stores moving downtown and the continuing revival of vintage clothing and design, 2015 promises to be a good year to invest in items from the last century. From manly memory-makers to childhood treasures and timely works of art, some popular trends help recreate a sense of kitchen comfort, while others have in mind future profitability. Wise antique hunters can bank on the five following antique collectible trends for 2015.

1. Mantiques

Many men are looking to relive the days of yore, when things were simpler, like in their grandfathers’ time. Mantiques are things that men like, things that bring a sense of aged comfort such as posters and signs, quality luggage, shaving kits and wrought-iron creations, explains the PostBulletin.com.

Some stores host dedicated collections to manly goods. In others, childhood memories are just the turn-of-a-dial away.

2. Functional Beauties

A new breed of youthful buyers is searching for things that it can use in the household, including Red Wing pottery and vintage kitchen wares. This is driving up the demand for antiques that won’t collect more dust on the shelves and sometimes pieces that buyers can repurpose.

Old milk cans, sometimes called milk churns, are making their appearance everywhere from old railways stations to nurseries. These colorful street-side pots have been repainted and used as planters.

3. Midcentury Modern Furniture

The clean lines and surprising elements of carefully crafted midcentury furniture make these ideal pieces to complement modern decor schemes. While midcentury furniture is not technically antique, the growing demand for these stylized pieces ensures collectors can sell them for a heftier price in the future.

4. Timely Artwork

Artwork is always popular, but its value is subject to taste. For more profit on return, invest in art surrounding a particular theme or event, such as buying prints made during the Civil War to mark the war’s 150th anniversary, suggests antique appraiser Dr. Lori. Other, more niche-specific trending topics include vintage silhouettes and Victorian hair wreaths.

5. Miniatures

Miniatures are one thing that never seem to go out of style. From dollhouse accessories to crystal collectibles, miniatures are easy on the wallet and bring a sense of nostalgia for childhood hobbies.

Collectors can gradually add to their finds, and artistically arrange items in antique shadowbox displays. Stick to a theme such as kitchen items, tiny pots or furniture to create a cohesive collection.

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