Create The Look: Make Your Own Mercury Glass!

If you have an antique vase collection that needs a little rounding out without breaking the bank, make your own mercury glass!

Mercury glass, or “silvered” glass as it’s also known, was a style that became popular in the mid 1800s that consists of double-walled glass with a layer of reflective silver in between the two layers. Evident in the form of vases, glasses, bowls and hurricane glasses, mercury was initially used as the reflective coating, before switching to silver nitrate, but the beautiful, shiny look remained the same.

Nowadays, there’s a simple way to make your own silvered glass and achieve a perfectly imperfect finish, so if you’ve got a collection that you want to round out with a piece here or there, without breaking the bank, this tutorial is the way to do it! Kimberly walks us through the process and we promise this is a project that really anyone can do…try it out (and send us your photos)!