Just Try To Not Sing Along! We Dare You!

You won’t be able to frown through this amazing performance!

There are some songs you just can’t be sad to. This is even more true when those same songs are paired with lively choreography. In the 1950 film, Summer Stock, Judy Garland gives us a joyful performance of this fabled song in one of her last films for MGM. Written in 1930 by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler, an instrumental version was even used for a time as the opening theme song for Merrie Melodies! By chance, Arlen had to fill in for the pianist for a show he was performing in a show called “Cokey Joe.” When he experimented with the pick up, he began to create a new song. Overheard by Will Marion Cook, Harlen soon was deep in the throes of song-writing with Koehler, both under contract. This song is truly the embodiment of the spirit of the stage. Garland performs it here to a T and gives the dance performance that would later be copied by many young pop stars, singer, and actresses, complete with hat tip and black stockings. Have a look a this uplifting performance by the incomparable Judy Garland.