Colorful Collections

Sometimes you just love a riot of color in the things either that you collect yourself or that have been passed down. There’s no boredom with all the color. The antiques or vintage or retro items just jump at you. They are lively; they dance or make you want to dance.

Here are some examples we’ve selected to feature this morning. All are from our readers. We’d like to thank Pat, Elizabeth and John for sharing them with us all.

If you’d like to share a photo of an antique of yours just come to the Dusty Old Thing Facebook page and upload a clear photo. Give as much description as possible. We especially like to hear the stories that go with the “things”, stories of family, of how it was used, or even of the “fun of the hunt”. We don’t do appraisals and we’re not a site for buying or selling. We do love the old things, the old ways and what they mean. For us, value is mainly in the heart.

from: Pat Ferguson: “My Mom collected hair receivers. After she passed away at 92, we distributed them amongst the family for remembrances. One daughter-in-law continues on the tradition.”

Isn’t it interesting that so many hair receivers were so colorful? We can see very fine ones here Pat’s collection. It’s interesting, too, that she’s used very nice vintage cake stands to help with the display. It is all simply beautiful!

Hair receivers stood on the dressing table of proper ladies in days gone by. Those were the days when nothing was wasted and hair was used primarily for “rats” (or “ratts”) to make those great Gibson girl up dos or just to make simple “buns” appear fuller. Hair brushes, since they were often part of elaborate sets also kept on the dressing table, would be kept free of hair and very clean. Human hair was also sometimes used just for stuffing small things like homemade pincushions. Some may have been used, too, during the hair art craze to make jewelry, floral wreaths, bookmarks, crosses, etc. However, it is more likely that long locks of hair were cut off for those forms of art.

from: John Charles Belz: “Part of my Dad’s “Big Band Domania”.”

John’s Dad has had very good taste! Now we just want to hear all the music.

from: Elizabeth Schmidt: “i am obsessed with glass from the 50s and 60s…. not as old as some of the gorgeous pieces usually posted here… but i just love all my colored glass! i have over 100 pieces of this style of decanter. i also have smaller collections of milk, crackle, cobalt, and vaseline glass.”

Many of us who grew up in “modern” homes in the 50’s remember vividly colored glass in all kinds of shapes. Sometimes they decorated open “room dividers”. Yes, they are “retro” or “vintage” now.

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