Collecting The Charming Cocktail Shakers And Ice Buckets Of The Past

Ice buckets and cocktail shakers from the mid-century and older were more than just functional – they were beautiful items that served as decorations and great conversation starters! Take a look at the following video from Dylan’s Vintage Minute featuring some tips on how to start your own collection, and check out some of our favorite user-submitted photos.

Everyday our users share photos of their interesting and unique treasures that we love to see, and these cocktail shakers are no exception!

from: John Burton: “Part of my cocktail shaker collection, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.”

from: Sandy Hackworth: “‘Lady’s Leg’ cocktail shaker. Approx.76 yrs. old. Made at my husband’s uncle’s glass company Louie Glass in Weston, WV.Louie came to the US when he was 9 from Austria with his parents. His father worked as a glass blower and Louie took up the trade.My husband remembers visiting him and having to keep his hands behind his back so he wouldn’t touch any of the many glass pieces…we now have those pieces and he can handle them all he wants..! More interesting info online, just type in Louie Wahine…WV”

from: Nancy Louise Kuhn Harrell: “My latest find at our favorite consignment store while on Christmas vacation. Cocktail shaker, ice bucket, and 6 rolly polly cups. My husband had a sailboat glass that he would drink milk out of at his grandparents house when he was little. I know it was made by Hazel Atlas. We have several other pieces, but this ice bucket is my favorite.”

from: Jeff Friedman: “Cocktails, perhaps?”

from: Kathy Lattin Johnson: “My ode to Mad-Men era cocktail ware – lots of 24K trimmed glasses and decanters”

from: Beth Elerick: “This is Something that I have gotten from My mother. A large Aluminum ( Happy days at the Century of Progress Chicago 1934 Cocktail Shaker. This was a large end of the Prohibition. Made by AP co. LaGrange, Ill. It has 14 or more drink mixture on it.”

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