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Nostalgic Clothing Items Which Are All But Forgotten Today


The craze for the New Look lasted well into the ’60s and there was nothing more feminine than the nipped waist and flared hips that came with wearing wearing petticoats. They could be itchy and sometimes had to be starched, but it was worth it at the time for us to look our best.

Hats That Required Hat Pins

The truly classic styles of ladies hats that required hat pins faded away in the ’70s, but we still remember the way our mothers and grandmother so effortlessly wore these timeless styles.

Muffs and Stoles

The trailing edge of a stole or the warm security of a muff are both long gone. Most women can’t be bothered to wear anything but a coat and gloves and who could blame us? Still, it was an awfully glamorous look.

Evening Gloves

For special occasions these were a necessity. Now, even on the red carpet, you rarely see evening gloves.

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