Nostalgic Clothing Items Which Are All But Forgotten Today


Seems like only yesterday we were wearing slips on a regular basis. Not so now, as most women rarely have need of one. We can remember when slips of at least a few lengths would have been wardrobe must-haves.


We remember when scarves were worn as headbands, over a hairdo to protect it, around the neck for a bit of color, or even tied to the handle of one’s purse. Long gone are the days when this little accessory was an everyday essential.


There was a time when nearly every woman aspired to own a glamorous set of pearls, triple strand would be all the better. It was the elegant thing to wear on a daily basis and went perfectly well for evening, too!

Hand-knit Sweaters

Once a very common hobby, knitting your own sweaters has become a rarity.

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