When it comes to fashion in particular, nothing stays the same for long. What might be scandalous today could become tomorrow’s everyday must-have item. But, we really miss some of the clothes and accessories women used to wear. The classic, elegant looks we grew up with are a distant memory to many people these days, especially young people.

Clip-on Earrings

They were once the staple of any jewelry operation, but now you hardly see them anymore because everyone has pierced ears.

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There’s a niche market for stockings these days, but most young ladies have never worn a garter belt.

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Shoe Clips

The simple way to dress up plain pumps, these are getting harder to find, too.

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We may not miss these exactly, but there certainly was nothing like a girdle to give the right shape under dresses. Today we have Spanx, but they don’t hold a candle to the lace-up, hook-and-eye, suspender clip girdles we remember from back in the day.

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