Decanters And Old Bottles — How To Clean Them, And Some Of Our Favorites!

Whether you proudly display your collection, or you actually use them, they tend to get a dirty as time goes by.

Don’t you just love old bottles, decanters and carafes? Whether you proudly display your collection, or you actually use them, they tend to get a dirty as time goes by. So how do you clean the hard-to-reach insides? This following video from The Domestic Geek shows us a DIY method for cleaning out your container using household products like white rice, dish soap and water! Check it out, and be sure to take a look at some of our favorite user-submitted items!

Do you collect bottles, decanters or any other type of glassware? If so, send us a photo, we’d love to see it!

from: Patrick Treece: “I went through an old farm house the other day. When I went up stairs in the attic there were hundreds of jars and bottles every where. These are just a few that caught my eye.”
from: Sharon Lando: “These beautiful old bottles of something belonged to my husbands grandfather. Does anyone know what they are?”
from: Jean Gintz: “Just a few bottles and marbles from Ray Cherrys collection. Oh! And one basket from my collection.”
from: Don Montgomery: “Just started collecting bottles this winter. Here is a few of them. Some are antique and some are not.”
from: Charlotte Jones Soldan: “Don’t know to much about this.. besides it’s a bitter fishers bottles”
from: Christine Franklin: “our collection of 17-20th century old bottles, mainly British.”
from: Deborah Malizia: “If anyone has any information regarding my cherished carafe set i would so very appreciate it. My grandmother gave this to me prior to passing away, she said she had it forYears prior to my birth in 1969 and I have always loved it. I used to call it her Jeanie bottle. There are no visible makers marks, I would really appreciate any info I could get about this set. Thank you”
from: Terry Morgan Morrison: “A vintage wine carafe with 4 small glasses that I found at a sale along the road in West Virginia. It is sitting on a beautiful round embroidered vintage doilie. “
from: Elizabeth Schmidt: “i am obsessed with glass from the 50s and 60s…. not as old as some of the gorgeous pieces usually posted here… but i just love all my colored glass! i have over 100 pieces of this style of decanter. i also have smaller collections of milk, crackle, cobalt, and vaseline glass.”
from: Jeff Friedman: “Art Deco cocktail service. It depends on your mood for the evening…use either the Cobalt Blue or Green Depression. Or perhaps an aperitif served from the clear glass decanter with shot glasses? All 1930s, I presume. Throw in the earlier WWI poster on the wall, just for fun. Let’s see now…how shall I serve my guests?”
from: Bernard Waby: “Four pieces of contrasting glass a blue Whitefriars vase a 1950’s cut glass decanter a green Mary Gregory vase and stunning signed Swedish piece of art glass .”
from: Andrej Hallder: “Fabulous 1900s decanter !”
from: Eight Inch Rule: “fire singed decanters – Modern 50”
from: Sandy Norris Dean: “Can anyone tell me what kind of decanter this is? about 10 inches tall and 4 inches wide.”
from: Debbie Karlek: “Old Avon decanters”
from: Jane Mansfield Dreyling: “My whisky decanter from my parents…..held whiskey originally, then mother used it for vinegar…..I keep it on my counter with white vinegar. It is 10 1/2 inches tall and 5 inches across the bottom. I love it ! Have no idea how old it is ! I was born in 1944 and remember it from my childhood.”
from: Kim Caliguri Isaacson: “Found this beautiful decanter at a rummage sale for $5.00. I just love it.”