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Civil War Photographs Show Quite A Few Details We Weren’t Aware Of

These incredible photos show another side to the Civil War: the daily waiting, the abandoned farms, and the lookouts watching through telescopes. If you are a Civil War history enthusiast then you probably already know what a contraband or a Zouave uniform is (hint: it has roots in the Algerian costume from the Georgian period).

But, for most folks these subjects (and these photographs) open up new insights into one of the most divisive events in our nation’s history.

Interior of Surgeon (David) McKay’s quarters, Army of the James, Virginia. 1861-1865. Via/ Library of Congress

Union soldiers with Confederate provisions, 1861 or 1862. Via/ Library of Congress

Confederate troops held the little town of Falls Church, Virginia, for a few months during 1861 before moving on to another village. Via/ Library of Congress

114th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1864. This unit was known for their exotic Zouave uniform which was modeled after the North African French military which had modeled their look on Algerian costumes from 1830 or so. Both Confederate and Union volunteer brigades adopted forms of this look. Via/ Library of Congress

Soldier is held down before surgery in 1861 – notice his eyes are wide open. Many of the soldiers are also wearing the Zouave style uniform. Via/ Library of Congress

Fairfax Court House, Va. House used as a headquarters by Confederate commanders, Gen. G.B. McClellan and Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard, 1861 or 1862. Via/ Library of Congress

Union generals and friends, 1862. Via/ Library of Congress

Yorktown, Va. Embarkation for White House Landing, Va., 1862. Via/ Library of Congress

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