Christie Brinkley was once known as the all-American cover girl, gracing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue time and again, and having no end of modeling contracts advertising for everything from high fashion to makeup to shampoo and credit cards. She was famously married to Billy Joel and starred in the music video for “Uptown Girl”. Her first modeling gigs were in the ’70s, but in the ’80s her popularity really exploded. If you have seen her recently you’ll know that despite being in her 60s now, Brinkley hasn’t lost her glowing skin, her shapely figure, or her luxurious blonde locks. Find out what her beauty secrets are and how she stays in such great shape.

Brinkley in 2015. Via: Greg2600/ Wiki Commons

Exfoliation Everyday

Brinkley starts every day by exfoliating her face. Years ago she read somewhere that men’s faces tend to look younger even as they age due to all the exfoliation they get from daily shaving and she wanted in. She was an early adopter of exfoliation and it shows. Her skin is still incredible looking today!

Via: Tara Winstead/ Pexels

There’s No Protection Like SPF

As a beach girl she has spent a lot of time in the sun over the years, something she tried to prevent with her daughters with the religious application of sunscreen for herself and her family. Brinkley herself no longer tans in the sun, instead choosing a tan-building lotion to give her that signature sun-kissed glow.

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You Are What You Eat

Brinkley eats a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, what she refers to as the “rainbow diet.” She tries to get all the colors of the rainbow on her plate everyday, from deep purples to greens to reds and yellows. She has also been a vegetarian since her early teens.

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Citrus Sunrise

She starts each day with a mug of hot water with lemon to keep her feeling good and boost her immune response. She drinks coffee and/or matcha a little later in the morning for her caffeine fix.

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Body in Motion

The model has been a spokesperson for Total Gym for decades now, but she says she likes to keep her exercise regimen varied. However, she did have to slow down after some broken bones and a total hip replacement recently. You’d never know it from photos! She still looks trim and fit like she did in her 20s.

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A Little Help from Her Friends

Brinkley also admits to having some Botox and other cosmetic procedures regularly done, as well as having a “wonderful dermatologist”. You can’t blame a girl for wanting the latest beauty treatments on the market. But, we have to think that her healthy lifestyle and thorough skincare routine have helped her maintain her fabulous looks as much as her cosmetic treatments.

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