Wish You Still Had Your Childhood Lunch Box? See What They Sell For Today!

These are 10 of the most wonderful and valuable kids lunch boxes!

We all have our favorite childhood toys. Some are beloved dolls or action figures that felt like friends. Other favorites are those items that really let your friends know exactly how cool you were. We might not have cuddled our lunch boxes at night, but we sure did enjoy taking them to school with us. What you might not realize is just how much cash some of theses old lunch boxes can bring in today! Have a look at these 10 memorable (and valuable) vintage lunch boxes, including the holy grail of lunch box collectibles.

Via/ State Archives of Florida

10) Lance Link Secret Chimp

The Saturday morning show was only on the air for one year despite being written by two of the head writers for The Carol Burnett Show. If you loved Laneclot Link and Mata Hari then you’ll be pleased to know that this lunch box set recently sold for $75. We particularly enjoy the Agency to Prevent Evil thermos.

Via/ Ebay

9) Dale Evans & Roy Rogers

This 1950s metal lunch box often sells for between $50-$100, but one (with its thermos) recently sold for $115 on Ebay. If that seems steep then just wait until you see some of the other prices.

Via/ Flickr

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