Check Out These Stove Toy Sets! What Sets Did You Play With?

Check Out These Stove Toy Sets! What Sets Did You Play With?

from: Wayne Vicki Howell: “1921 child’s electric stove my husband restored, it works great. He even found some old original electic cord. This stove had been very very rusty.”

Raise your hand if you remember playing “house” when you were young. (We guess you don’t really have to raise your hands.) For any of you who recall those fun times, you’ll know that props and toys, while not essential to your activities, helped add to the charade and made the whole experience more real for you. We look back fondly on our doll houses and the joy they brought us, and these toy stove sets are no different! With them, we cooked up the most wild (possibly revolting?) imaginary concoctions and they instilled in us a love of cooking from an early age–although we have stopped including things like dirt in our recipes….

Check out these stove sets and feel free to let us know which toy sets you played with and enjoyed! And, of course, send in any photos of toy sets; we love seeing them!

from: Jovanna Lorraine: “Can someone tell me about this cast iron toy model Crescent stove”

from: Karen Slack-Mattern: “This old stove model ( I believe it was the salesman’s sample) and accessories belonged to my Grandmother. When we were young we used to play with it whenever we visited. I have since inherited it. I would love to see other models.”

from: Barb Taylor: “I bought these 4 stoves in a collectable shop. I’d like to know their value.”