Some of these couples might not be surprising to devoted fans, but some of them were kept very hush hush or were over shadowed by their later relationships to bigger stars. It’s interesting to find out all these years later who was coupled together!

6) Clark Gable & Joan Crawford

While they were both married to other people Clark Gable and Joan Crawford had an affair, not that Gable was opposed to that sort of thing, or so the rumor goes.

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7) Spencer Tracy & Katherine Hepburn

The infamous 26-year-long affair is often forgotten, but it was only in his final years that their relationship ended.

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8) Rita Hayworth & Orson Welles

Before she became a princess, Rita Hayworth was married to the legendary Orson Welles for 4 years.

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9) Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland

Though they supposedly never acted on it, Olivia de Havilland and Errol Flynn were madly in love with each other.

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10) June Carter & Carl Smith

June and Carl were married from 1952-1956. She met Johnny Cash in 1956 and as the story goes, he told her first thing that he would marry her someday and he did! But, she had some good times joking and singing with Carl Smith as in this clip of “Love, Oh Crazy Love.”

That’s it for these celebrity couples that went under the radar. If you love Old Hollywood history then click here to discover why actors in old movies speak that particular accent!