See the Stunning Views from the Castle That Inspired Disney

This magnificent castle also has a military history.

The inspiring structure in central Spain is known as the Alcázar of Segovia (which means “Segovia Fortress”) and was built in the 12th century. The grand turrets and stunning views from its isolated position high above the landscape make it clear that this was a militaristic castle, well-placed to keep intruders out. But, this castle also has some other claims to fame, most notably Disney.

While there are several other castles which served as inspiration for Disney artists, the castle is certainly one of the sturdier of the bunch as it served various functions, including as a fortress, a prison, and an artillery college. Today it is a museum and weaponry archive and the site does give tours as well.

See the real life castle which was an inspiration for Disney’s castle in Snow White (1937) in the video below. And, check out the French castle that time forgot by clicking “Next Page” after the video.