Can You Help Identify The Mystery Items Of The Week?

The following six images were submitted by our users, and we thought we’d turn to you for help figuring out what they are! Give it a shot, and if you have a mystery item of your own, don’t forget to submit a photo!

from: Walter Ward: “Quiz…what is this?”

from: Natalie Edwards: “Trying to find out what this is… if anyone has any ideas please comment or post”

from: Diane Bielinski: “wondering if anyone knows what this is – some kind of sewing device?”

from: Karen Crumbaker Streeter: “Can someone help me figure out what this is? The round part opens with a mirror inside and their is a small drawer at the bottom.”

from: LaVon Oeth Euler: “Can anyone tell me what this is? It’s marked as McKee on one side & the other side says Pat July 7 14. We found it in a box of antique kitchen gadgets that my late parents had collected. “

from: Sarah Bush Houchen: “Can you help identify what this is?”

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