Can You Help Identify? November 19

Can You Help Identify? November 19

Every once in a while we like to show some of the items that our readers have posted–ones that they have asked “What is it?” or “Can you help identify this?” Our Dusty Old Thing Facebook page is a part of social media. We comment on each others’ posts. We ask questions. We share information…and guesses.

Here are a few that we think are antiques or, at least, vintage. Can you help identify them?

from: Matt Miller: “I wonder if someone can help me with this please? I have collected for 40 years and this one has had me stumped for decades. Bought it in Richmond, Indiana in 1977 from a shop. It may be Lalique but I don’t see the RFL and haven’t yet found it in any publication. 7 1/2 pounds, ground bottom rim, frosted outside only. 10″ tall 7.75 inch in diameter. Thick crystal. ~ Thank you.”

from Laura Strohl. The box closed is above. Notice the engraving. Why did the box open like this, shown below? Was it perhaps a bad repair, or did it serve a utilitarian purpose? Was it a snuff box?

from: Laura Strohl: “Can anyone tell me what this is? I think it’s a snuff box. It has a H and a VII and a lion holding an ax in the middle shield with a crown over it. Henry the vii? It opens at both sides and appears someone tried to sodder one side closed. Any idea what it’s worth? I found it in a box that belonged to my dad who has passed and I can’t find another one like it. Very curious.”

from: Deborah Lou Slocum: “Hi, I’m new here, and I have this lamp that has been handed down to me. It was my Great-Grandmother’s”

from AnnaMarie Armstrong: “I am wondering if anyone know what the hand is. The hand is frosted crystal holding a clear con caved disk.” A side view is below:

So, readers, what do you think? What are your ideas? Come share them on ourFB Page.