Can You Help Identify? May 3

Can You Help Identify? May 3

Several of our readers have asked for help in identifying possible makers and dates for pieces…or just to know what an antique is and how it was used. Since we’re a community of people who love antiques, we all can share in research and knowledge and..yes…sometimes just guesses. We all know, of course, that it takes a close in-person inspection of any antique to properly determine its age and possible maker. But, meanwhile, we can enjoy giving our ideas and sharing in our varied levels of expertise.

from: Mickie Price: “This salesmen’s sample sofa is 42″ wide, 12″ deep and 17″ tall.Was donated to Paws and Claws, a resale store in Newland, NC that is part of the Avery County Humane Society.Anyone have an idea of the value? There are no markings on the piece. Anyone know the maker and time period these were used?”

from: Sherrie Zmolek: “Ok I am hoping someone knows something about this little set. From what I have seen online, it is called a “Boudoir Parlor Set”. Someone told me that it was from 1890’s or so. It is 2 piece, a settee and a smaller chair. Fabric and cording looks to be original. I bought it at an estate auction. I love it…just curious about it. Thanks to anyone with information.”

We recommend focusing on the curving lines and the wood used in helping to date this marvelous parlor or salon set.

from: Stephen Kosta: “Need some help. Does anyone know what this is?It operates like a garlic press, but I don’t think that’s what it is.It’s 7″ long. Thanks”