Can You Help Identify? March 8

Good Morning from Dusty Old Thing! Every once in a while we like to feature items that have been posted by readers who are asking for more information. Of course we all know it’s impossible to correctly identify any antique from just a photo, but we can all share our ideas. We have so many members of the Dusty Old Thing community, all with differing levels of expertise, experience and interests. And, besides, its fun.

So, here are some hoped-for antiques and our readers’ questions… Can you help?

from Judy Bosco: “Can anyone tell me anything about this hutch? My grandmother bought it back in the late 50’s and always called it a Welsh Dresser. I have looked on line for such and have never come up with anything. It seems really old as the dovetailing on the drawers is older than I expected. I always thought it was veneered but I now do not think it is. Looks like it was put together with pegs also.”

Can anyone help identify the possible age on Judy’s dresser? The term “dresser” is accurate for Welsh pieces like this, although they are often called cupboards. They are two part pieces with the base having cupboard doors on either side of a middle section. That section may be a fixed decorative panel or drawers, like in Judy’s. The top section of shelves serves as a plate rack. In many Welsh dressers, there are three drawers at the top of the base. Hardware frequently is simple brass knobs.

Authentic 19th century Welsh dressers can fetch good prices at auction. So, readers, how do you tell the age of a piece by its joinery, the drawers, the feet and other characteristics?

from Morgan Trapnell: “Found this in a thrift store today. It has all wood pegs and a scoop on the seat. Would love to know anything about it!

Readers, note the form of the graceful seat and the “rug cutter” rockers. Do you think it is antique? Can anyone date it and give an idea of the part of the country it might have been made in?

from T Cheryl McComb:Good Afternoon All….it’s me again and I need your help identifying something I just came across in my Great Grandmother’s sewing basket…any help will be appreciated…They appear to be porcelain but they made just be ceramic…I have googled but can’t find anything remotely resembling the backs on these buttons. Here’s hoping someone has come across these before and can tell me more about them.”

Cheryl, in her post, also showedphotos of the backs of the buttons. We’re assuming that the object at the right is a needle case which does show the small size of the buttons. Readers, what do you think?

from: MaryAnne Rether: “This bracelet is over seventy years old. I can not find any markings. It opens. Any ideas?”

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