Can You Help Identify? January 6

Every once in a while we like to feature some of the antiques or vintage objects that have been shared with our Dusty Old Thing Community and for which the owner would like more information. Since we’re a part of social media, everyone is welcome to give their ideas. Hopefully some readers will have just the right experience or expertise. But we can all have fun and join in. That’s what makes us a community.

from: Ginger Carhart: “These metal items were left in the house we purchased and I am not sure what they are. I thought they might be hand made clothes pin because of their shape! but don’t know. any ideas? they are about 5″ long.”

from: K Kay Kresh: “Can anyone identify this castle? This plate (?) has been in our family for at least 100 years. It is about about 7″ in diameter and I know it is from Germany. Suggestions? I have looked online but can not find any castles that match. I can post a photo of the back if anyone is interested. Thanks for the help.”

from: Nancy Kirk Starnes: “This is a “Homer Laughlin China Genesee Pitcher”. I do not know how old it is, if anyone knows I would appreciate it. My guess is early 1900’s??? Whoever it had belonged to had used it to put ink pens in, I finally got it clean. I love the roses on it and colors.”

from: Laurel Blauser Paulsen: “I can not find a makers mark on it anywhere not sure of the period thinking late 1800s. But love it anyone have any ideas?”

Thanks to Nancy, Laurel, K Kay, Ginger and everyone else who has shared their love of antiques with all of us. We do learn so much from each other.

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